10 June 2024



  • Project Workspace window performance: Project Workspace windows now open approx. 10x faster.

  • Release warning dialog: A warning is now shown when trying to release an Initial Version backup on a branch. This version is an auto-generated full identical copy of the file that the branch originates from. Releasing this would essentially overwrite the target release branch with an identical copy without any changes that the user might have made to the branch file which created confusion among some users.

  • Concealed password fields: The module password, module EAR key and server API key now hide the input values.

Bug Fixes

  • Multiple Project Workspace windows: In certain scenarious where multiple projects were listed on the welcome screen, the first project would always open no matter which project was clicked.

  • Project Workspace variables: Project Workspace values such as headers and counters did not always display correctly when navigating between different projects.

  • Activity Viewer loading bar: If macOS was set to show window rullers either always, or automatically dependning on input device, the Project Workspace's Activity Viewer (the top bar showing info and progress about running tasks) would not always display the cercular loading bar correctly.

  • Version tree: The version visualisation did not always show on the first click after workspace window was opened.

  • Typos in various error dialogs

Known Limitations

  • Admin Console Password Restriction: Devin does not support servers where the admin console password includes a colon (":") due to admin API authentication limitations.

  • Post Migration Script Parameter: Post migration scripts can only accept parameters of the "text" type.

  • Limited Error Logs for Post Migration Script: The logs do not specify the reason for script failure, such as script not found, invalid script name or OData being disabled on the server.

  • Deployment Status Delay: Deployment status might show "Update Available" after a successful migration. If it does not change to "On latest version" within 30 seconds, close and re-open the Project Workspace window.

  • Disk Space Check for Migrations: Disk space is checked only at the start of a migration. If two large migrations are started simultaneously, there might not be enough space for both when they complete, as space is not allocated at the start.

  • File Disconnection: Adding a file to a project that is already used in another project will disconnect it from its branches in the first project.

  • Storage Location: Devin stores everything on the default disk where Devin is installed (default Library folder). Using a second disk is not yet supported.

  • Deployment Process Limitation: Deployments are limited to the default deployment process which clones the live branch file instead of the actual version backup. For example, if you release a file from dev to main, and you make changes directly to main before you deploy the release, the modified version of main will be used in the deployment process instead of the actual version backup that was used in the release.

  • Alternative Database Paths: Alternative database paths defined in the Admin Console will not work if they are changed after Devin Server has been installed.

  • Unsafe TLS Connections: All unsafe TLS connections between Devin servers will be trusted, even if the presented SSL certificate is invalid, expired, or self-signed.

  • Custom Font Issue: The custom Devin font used for icons in the App will only work after restarting FileMaker Pro.

  • Beta 6 Upgrade Path: Upgrading Devin Server from Beta 6 can only be done via command-line. From version 1.0, servers are updated with a single click in the App.

  • Data Migration Summary: No summary is provided for data migrations. Use the Details tab for information.

  • Activity Logs Limitation: Activity logs in the REPORT tab are limited. Use the DEBUG tab for detailed logs.

  • Local Development Files: Local development files are not supported. Files must be hosted on a dedicated development server.

  • Version Visualization: Version visualization might break if any Initial Version is released directly (button will show underneith)

  • Non-default Zoom Level in App: The app's windows and UI elements might not work and display correctly if the zoom level is set to other than 100%.

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