21 May 2024


New Features

  • Post migration script: Define post migration scripts in the Deployment's Settings popover.

  • Release to any Branch: Versions can now be released to any branch, not just “main”.

  • Deploy from any Branch: Deploy releases from any branch.

  • Environments tab: The Deployments tab is now Environments, allowing deployment instances to be linked to listen for new releases on a specific branch.

  • Custom branch colors: Assign custom colors to branches for better visual differentiation.

  • Manual file connections: Manually connect files to modules and branches in the event that they were disconnected.

  • Sidebar navigation: Go directly to the relevant branch from the sidebar.

  • Automatic update checks: The app now checks for updates automatically.

  • Improved input handling: Password and verification codes can now be pasted into the login window.

  • File management: Open/close files on any server from the monitor window.

  • Resend verification codes: Account verification codes can now be resent.

  • Deployment-specific timeouts: Define specific timeouts for each deployment.

  • Improved login performance: Experience faster login times.


  • Tooltips in navigation menu: Navigation menu items now have tooltips for better usability.

  • Monitor window performance: Improved performance in the Monitor window.

  • Window management enhancements: Improved window management for a better user experience.

  • Detailed data migration logs: Data migrations now stream detailed logs.

  • Automatic dev server addition: Dev server is automatically added in Settings -> Servers after the first login.

  • Updated documentation link: Documentation button now points to the new documentation site.

  • Version release safeguards: Prevents releasing a version to the branch it already exists on and to branches where the module instance doesn't already exist.

Bug Fixes

  • Timezone fix for scheduled deployments: Scheduled deployments now use the correct timezone (fixed to dev server’s timezone).

  • Branch visualization fix: Corrected branch visualization issues.

  • Version graph visualization: Fixed issues with version graph visualization.

  • Branch and version visualization: Visualization now displays correctly the first time a module is clicked after opening the project workspace UI.

  • Branch color visualization: Correct branch color is used after a file is branched.

  • Light mode rendering issue: Fixed a rendering issue in the Project Workspace in macOS light mode.

  • Customer Portal URL fix: Correct URL is now opened when upgrading from a free account.

  • Team member removal fix: Ensured the correct user is removed when removing a team member.

  • Navigation fixes: Resolved navigation issues between Modules and Branches views and menus.

  • Login process fix: Fixed an issue where passwords containing a period character halted the login process (min FMP version now 19.3.1).

  • Test button indication: Test buttons now properly indicate start/stop.

  • Deployment cancellation: Cancelling a deployment now properly kills and reverts the data migration on the target server.

  • Devin Engine close issue: Devin Engine now always closes after the last app window closes.

  • Activity logger/viewer fix: Certain errors in the Devin Server API did not properly show errors in the App's Activity Viewer and Logs.

  • Auto deletion fix: Fixed an issue where deployments were auto deleted if the corresponding file was removed from the database folder.

  • Go to Latest Branch issue: Selecting "Go to Latest" during the Branch command now opens the correct file if there are multiple files on a branch.


New Features

  • macOS Server support: Now supports macOS servers.

  • Arm support: Now supports Arm CPU architectures

  • Standalone executable: Devin Server is now a packaged and signed standalone executable.

  • Post migration scripts: Deployment process can now run post migration scripts.

  • Auto-enable FM OData API: Installer now auto-enables FM OData API.


  • Migration kill functionality: Completely changed migration kill functionality (now uses 'ps aux' on the command line).

  • Verbose migration logs: Data migration tool now runs with the -v flag for more detailed logs.

  • Disk space checks: Enhanced disk space checks for migrations, preventing new migrations if space is insufficient.

  • Self-healing Deployment and Data Migration mechanism: If a data migration process on a target server was interrupted by an external server error (resulting in the data migration process being killed), it will now automatically re-spawn and pick up the process as soon as the server is reachable again.

  • Improved Deployment Pipeline error handling: Better error handling for deployment cases where the development server cannot reach the target server.

  • Migration initiation: Data migration will not start if someone is connected to the file.

  • Installer checks: Improved checks around the use of additional database folders in the installer.

  • Branching mechanism optimization: Storage space optimization for the branching mechanism.

Bug Fixes

  • Backup timeout fix: Fixed branching and versioning issues for large files (15+GB) where the underlaying backup mechanism would timeout. These processes are no longer restricted to 15 min running time and supports files of any size.

  • Clone flag fix: Choosing clone when creating a version sometimes resulted in creating a full backup.

  • File name space issue: Fixed issues with branching and opening/closing files that have spaces in their names.

  • Deployment and migration rollback: Fixed issues where deployment and migration errors did not properly revert original files.

  • Local network fixes: Fixed issues related to the dev server being on a local network.

  • Stability and performance: Various stability and performance improvements.

Known Limitations

  • Admin Console Password Restriction: Devin does not support servers where the admin console password includes a colon (":") due to admin API authentication limitations.

  • Post Migration Script Parameter: Post migration scripts can only accept parameters of the "text" type.

  • Limited Error Logs for Post Migration Script: The logs do not specify the reason for script failure, such as script not found, invalid script name or OData being disabled on the server.

  • Deployment Status Delay: Deployment status might show "Update Available" after a successful migration. If it does not change to "On latest version" within 30 seconds, close and re-open the Project Workspace window.

  • Disk Space Check for Migrations: Disk space is checked only at the start of a migration. If two large migrations are started simultaneously, there might not be enough space for both when they complete, as space is not allocated at the start.

  • File Disconnection: Adding a file to a project that is already used in another project will disconnect it from its branches in the first project.

  • Storage Location: Devin stores everything on the default disk where Devin is installed (default Library folder). Using a second disk is not yet supported.

  • Deployment Process Limitation: Deployments are limited to the default deployment process which clones the live branch file instead of the actual version backup. For example, if you release a file from dev to main, and you make changes directly to main before you deploy the release, the modified version of main will be used in the deployment process instead of the actual version backup that was used in the release.

  • Alternative Database Paths: Alternative database paths defined in the Admin Console will not work if they are changed after Devin Server has been installed.

  • Unsafe TLS Connections: All unsafe TLS connections between Devin servers will be trusted, even if the presented SSL certificate is invalid, expired, or self-signed.

  • Custom Font Issue: The custom Devin font used for icons in the App will only work after restarting FileMaker Pro.

  • Beta 6 Upgrade Path: Upgrading Devin Server from Beta 6 can only be done via command-line. From version 1.0, servers are updated with a single click in the App.

  • Data Migration Summary: No summary is provided for data migrations. Use the Details tab for information.

  • Activity Logs Limitation: Activity logs in the REPORT tab are limited. Use the DEBUG tab for detailed logs.

  • Local Development Files: Local development files are not supported. Files must be hosted on a dedicated development server.

  • Version Visualization: Version visualization might break if any Initial Version is released directly (button will show underneith)

  • Non-default Zoom Level in App: The app's windows and UI elements might not work and display correctly if the zoom level is set to other than 100%.

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