March 1, 2024

We are excited to launch 1.0!

We have been hard at work for the past months to bring a stable, secure and reliable Devin experience and we are thrilled to announce the first release out of beta.

1.0 is a huge milestone for Devin, introducing team collaboration, regression testing and scheduled automatic migration, along with many more stability and usability features. This new version is building on top of the already improved stability introduced in Beta-6.

New Features

  • Devin now supports teams working together

  • You can now run regression tests for your FileMaker scripts

  • More granular migration scheduling and settings (for instance, custom timeouts)

  • It is now possible to cancel a data migration while it is running

  • Configurable project settings

  • Versions, Branches and Modules can now be deleted

  • Users can now reset and change their password

  • Teams can now change the Devin Engine (Dev Server) url from the App settings

  • The installer now automatically enables the FM Data API

  • Credentials for a module can now me edited

  • .fmp12 files in the alternative database folder are now supported

  • The Development Server no longer needs to be added manually to the Settings window. It is now automatically added the first time the team admin logs in to the app.


  • Versions can now be created as either a clone or full backup

  • You can now connect to multiple branched files at once

  • Devin Server's APIs now use a safer internal usage of sudo for the 'devin' server user

  • Devin servers can now be updated to future versions with a single click directly from the app's Settings window. No longer any need to update servers via command-line.

  • It is no longer needed to install the Devin Engine Assistant script schedule manually. This is now automatically done by the Devin Server installer.

  • Development files are no longer limited to 1GB, but see docs for best practices.

  • If FMS >, Devin will now default to use the included FMDataMigration CLI Tool

  • The App no longer allows connecting to a Devin Engine (Development Server) that's on a higher version.

  • Other minor improvements

Bug Fixes

  • Scheduled data migrations now trigger at the scheduled time

  • Versions, Branches, Modules and Files can now be deleted

  • Server statuses were not always accurate

  • Dozens of UI, performance and stability fixes

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